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Peer Support Program

STOPS Program (State Troopers Offering Peer Support)

The Connecticut State Police Union, in cooperation with the Department of Public Safety and the Department of Mental Health and Addiction services, has established and implemented a Peer Support Program to serve sworn members of the Division of State Police. The program is mandated by law pursuant to Public Act 06-188. In December 2006, a Steering Committee was formed to establish program guidelines and content.  The recruitment phase for volunteers is continuing with ongoing solicitation of applicants to serve as Peer Support Contact Volunteers.

Interested applicants will be interviewed by Steering Committee members in order to be selected as Peer Support Contact Volunteers.  Anyone needing additional information can contact the Union during normal business hours at 1 800 842-8350, or TFC Joy Owens, STOPS Program Coordinator, at 860.250.6052.  The STOPS Program has, and will continue to assist Union members in times of need.

TFC Joy Owens
STOPS Coordinator
(860) 250-6052