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The Connecticut State Police Union's mission is to uphold the honor of the State Police profession and vigilantly protect, promote, advance and improve working conditions, legal rights, compensation and benefits of our Troopers.  We also aim to generate public and political interest of vital importance to a Trooper’s duties in our State.

As of July 1st, 2011, the Connecticut State Police Union celebrated its 30th Anniversary and will continue to be committed to improving the working conditions of our 1,042 members (Troopers, Sergeants, and Master Sergeants).

Public Safety Hearing Testimony

On February 28th, President Matthews spoke AGAINST Governor’s Bill No. 32,which would remove the mandate of 1,248 sworn Troopers,allows for an unlimited voluntary auxiliary program, and would require that the Commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection submit a staffing reportevery two years, beginning in 2014.  Below is a link to a video of the entire hearing.

Public Safety Committee February 28th Public Hearing


00:12:15 – Col. Stebbins
00:18:00 – Senator McKinney (who supported the Union’s position against the Governor’s Bill)
03:04:00 – Andy Matthews

Colonel Stebbins spoke in FAVOR of Governor’s Bill No. 32 and his testimony can be found at minute mark 00:12:15, Senator McKinney spoke in favor of the Union’s position and the 1248 mandate at minute mark 00:18:00, and Andy’s testimony can be found at 03:04:00.

1248 Litigation Update

On Friday, January 13, 2012, Judge Graham denied the State's motion to dismiss our lawsuit seeking to enforce (CGS: 29-4) the mandate of 1248 Troopers. Judge Graham ruled that the Superior Court had subject matter jurisdiction of the issue, that our Union had legal standing on the issue, and that sovereign immunity did not prevent us from seeking relief from the courts. In his ruling, Judge Graham held that CGS: 29-4 was not discretionary, but mandatory and that the statute was created not only to protect public safety, but the safety of Troopers. The judge agreed with our legal argument that the statute requires the Commissioner to appoint and maintain a minimum of 1,248 state troopers. This is a huge victory for public safety, our Union membership, and the safety of all Troopers. We owe a great deal of gratitude to Attorneys Proloy Das, Andrew Holding, and Jeff Ment of Rome McGuigan, the Union staff, and the entire Union leadership who supported our efforts and never doubted we were doing what was in the best interest of our membership, the future of the State Police and for Public Safety.

Judge Graham Decision

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CSPU's Reaction to Layoffs

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Senate Bill 1301


CSPU and Marc Lamberty

The State Board of Labor Relations issued a decision in the case of Connecticut State Police Union and Marc Lamberty. The Board's opinion can be found here.